June 18, 2024 APItalianLuxury


AP Italian Luxury - Morpheus Advisor srl gets the legality rating: guarantee of reliability and compliance

AP Italian Luxury has recently reached an important milestone, obtaining the legality rating certificate issued by the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM).

On the basis of the declarations made and the checks carried out, the certifying body has awarded our company the score of a star ★++ resulting in inclusion in the list of companies with Legality Rating.

But what is the legality rating and why is it important for a company?

The legality rating is a certificate issued by the competent authorities that attests to the level of good business management in terms of compliance with labour, environment, safety, consumer protection and anti-money laundering regulations. In essence, the legality rating is an indication of the company’s ability to comply with the rules and to act in an ethical and transparent manner.

For a company, the legality rating represents an important competitive advantage, because it shows customers that the company is attentive to the quality of its products and services, but also to compliance with the rules and consumer rights. It therefore increases the transparency and reputation of the company on the market, enhancing the image of the company in the national and international context.

This new important milestone strengthens even more the image of AP ITALIAN LUXURY as a company attentive to the issues of legality and confirms the founding ethical values, and testifies to the seriousness and responsibility of the company towards its employees, of customers and society as a whole.

A result from which to draw example and an opportunity to continue to grow in a path of constant improvement.