October 13, 2023 APItalianLuxury

AP Italian Luxury has obtained the HAPPYINDEX®ATWORK 2023 certification!

We are proud to announce that our company has obtained the HappyIndex®AtWork 2023 certification!

The motivation of our employees and the continuous improvement of the experience in our company, AP ITALIAN LUXURY, are for us fundamental values and constantly at the center of our growth.

For this reason, thanks to ChooseMyCompany we wanted to ” explore” our strengths, the areas to improve and compare with other companies on the market.

The results of this adventure will allow us, in the coming months, to put in place action plans to improve and grow.

We have always wanted and still want to see our company as a great “Family”, in which everyone can compare but above all work serene and happy to be part of it.

Thanks to all our collaborators