May 8, 2024 APItalianLuxury

Team Coaching & Team Building

Improve the performance of our team by increasing awareness and skills with experiential activities

A key feature of the professionals in our AP Italian Luxury team is the passion for what we do: we live our role as a mission.

Together with the Executive Coach & Master Trainer Federico Villani we have undertaken a path of Team Coaching & Team Building to improve our performance as a team by increasing awareness and skills with experiential activities, with the aim of putting in the foreground our ability to communicate: that is, the ability to create positive links through healthy relationships within the company, avoiding toxic behaviors and attitudes for themselves or towards those around us.

Communicating is often the center of a work related to the relationship of help, as it develops the level of empathy necessary to understand the differences between people and mutual coexistence. Among the areas of coaching in which we are working:

Focus on Objectives

In our company the difference is made by people and through this training and coaching path we aim to acquire more professional competence and/ or overcome barriers that hinder the improvement of performance through a specific training for better results.