June 7, 2024 APItalianLuxury


For the second consecutive year of participation, we are pleased to once again receive the HappyIndex atwork 2024

This certification testifies to the strong commitment that the management and the AP team invest in creating a positive working environment. A recognition of our dedication, the HappyIndex‍atwork certification rewards companies that stand out for the well-being and happiness of their employees in the workplace. Being recognized in this category is a strong sign of our success in promoting a serene, productive and motivating business mood.

For our Future

The ChooseMyCompany 2024 certification is part of a series of improvements that AP Italian Luxury is implementing: the first objective is to improve the performance of our team by increasing awareness and skills with experiential activities. Through corporate events and team building courses we embarked on a path to improve performance, with the aim of creating a more cohesive and professional team. The second, through a pet friendly awareness path, we facilitate our pet owners employees by giving them the opportunity to take them with them to work, avoiding leaving them at home alone. This is because the presence of pets in the office reduces stress throughout the day, promotes the creation of links between colleagues and increases work productivity, so as to positively affect the working climate. These are the tangible proof of this commitment and attention that we all invest in the well-being of AP Italian Luxury.

The value of ChooseMyCompany

ChooseMyCompany is an independent organization that evaluates companies on the basis of the real opinions and experiences of employees, through anonymous surveys managed directly by the certifying body. The HappyIndex®AtWork certification is based on strict criteria and testifies to the authenticity of our business practices. Receiving this recognition means that our employees appreciate and recognize the efforts we make for their well-being and the good of society.

Thank you for being part of AP Italian Luxury’s journey!